Cervelo P3

You’ll clearly see the P3’s lineage in this frame: Cervelo incorporated the aero and performance benchmarks of the category-leading P5. You’ll also see Cervelo’s attention to your benchmarks. The P3 offers their widest range of fit options, easy packing for travel, accessible storage, and all of Cervelo’s key aero features to make you simply faster.

Cervelo P3 Price tag

The new P3 collects many of the engineering advances we made with the P5, and through our industrial design process sketches and smoothes them together to create a bike with speed built in: the new P3 is both stiffer and faster than its predecessor.  Whether you’re on a regular training ride or setting a new PB, the P3 delivers motivation by design. This is a bike that’s as ready to race as you are. When you’ve hit all the targets of function, you start perfecting form.