Cervelo S3

The all-new Cervélo S3, perhaps best described as an S5 front with an R3 rear end. Designed to deliver exceptional aerodynamics yet retaining a degree of vertical compliance for shock absorption. Other evolutions over the S2 include a dropped downtube minimising air turbulence behind the fork, extension of the seat tube cut out, a rear brake shielded from the wind by a wider seat stay and a BBright bottom bracket – features that improve both the aerodynamics and stiffness of the frame whilst simultaneously maximising weight savings.

cervelo S3 Price Tag

Importantly for those looking to use the Cervélo S3 through the winter months the redesigned fork and rear stay accommodate 25c tyres. A simplified seatpost and clamp system similar to that of the S5 has also been incorporated. Interestingly the cable routing system also appears to be compatible with hydraulic gear shifting systems that are rumored to be at the late stages of development by some component manufacturers.