Sports Testing

Gain the competitive edge

The importance of fitness testing is considerably over looked. What we, as a partnership between coach and athlete, can derive from regular fitness testing, can outline all those small details that we can gain from training. Not only can we see improvements in our fitness, and specific areas that we have trained on, but we can quantify our improvements, and be sure of the improvements that we’re making.

Fitness testing also gives us some baseline values for us to work with, which is so important when starting out from scratch, or getting back on the training ladder after a lazy off season. We offer these tests on a basis that suits you, and your time frame, or a specific test that you have designed and would like to do. We can do individual tests anytime you like, or we offer them as part of a package with our Coaching and Development training tiers.

Whatever it is you need when it comes to fitness testing, we can supply it.


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